Program Chair: Patricia Genoe McLaren, Wilfrid Laurier University,
2021 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

The Management History (MH) Division invites symposium and paper submissions for the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management to be held virtually from 30 July to 3 August 2021. You may send us your submissions through the AOM Submission System until Tuesday, 12 January 2021 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Submissions will open in early December.

Conference Theme: Bringing the Manager Back in Management. The Academy calls for us to reconsider the role of the manager and to re-focus our research on better serving practicing managers and assessing our own relevance as management educators and researchers, particularly during this time of upheaval. The history of management and organization studies can provide valuable insights into the future roles of managers and management educators as we analyze examples from the past and explore the context from which our current understandings have emerged.

Division Theme: Crisis. The world is in crisis right now - the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, racism, populism, and income inequality are all contributing to a world in turmoil. Business, management, and management education have all played a critical role in creating these crises and their consequences. And they can also play a critical role in helping solve them. History is full of valuable lessons for those who pause to look back. What can we learn from management history to help us fix the world? Historical crises of capitalism – including the “labour question” of the role of the working class in the 19th century, the Great Depression and the sustainability of capitalism, and the global divisions between developed and developing countries created by global capitalism – provide a starting point.

Our Domain: The Management History (MH) Division is a wide-ranging network of scholars interested in the antecedents of modern business practice and thought. We invite submissions of empirical and conceptual papers, as well as proposals for symposia (including panel discussions, debates, and roundtables), for consideration for inclusion in the division's scholarly program. We encourage submissions from all members of the academy interested in devoting or sharing their work in management history broadly defined.

As there is an element of history within every division in the Academy, the division is open to a variety of methodological approaches and themes ranging from historical events in management practice (empirical focus) to studies that engage with historiography, philosophies of history, and the history of ideas and management thought (theoretical orientation).  In this spirit, the MH Division welcomes scholarly contributions that generate meaningful and original contributions in history from across all AOM divisions and interest groups. Submissions for sessions sponsored jointly with other Academy divisions are regarded as particularly attractive, and highly encouraged. The MH Division encourages submissions from doctoral students. Papers with a PhD student as the first or sole author should be clearly identified when submitted to allow identification of possible winners of the Best Graduate Student Paper.

Details of the requirements for each session type are outlined on the submission website. Keep in mind that developing symposia (including panel discussions) with broad appeal to 3 divisions (and submitting to all 3) increases the chance of having your symposia accepted.

Call for Reviewers: Please sign up ( to review for us!  The success of both the Scholarly paper and PDW programs depends upon your active involvement, especially your participation in the peer-review process. We deeply appreciate your willingness to volunteer and contribute to the Academy and Division by providing considered and timely reviews, and the guidance your reviews provide authors in improving their work.  Your reviewing contributions may be recognized through a Best Reviewer Award.

You may sign up starting in early December 2020. We will ask you to review three submissions between mid-January and mid-February. As far as possible, we'll assign papers in areas of your expertise as noted from the keywords you've indicated.

Management History Division Awards

John F. Mee Award for Best Contribution to Management History
Journal of Management History Best International Paper Award
SAGE Publishers Award for Best MH Division Paper in Leadership

Ronald B. Shuman Award for Best Graduate Student Paper
MH Division Best Reviewer Awards

The MH Division also nominates a best paper on an international subject or theme for the Academy's Carolyn Dexter Award, and a best student paper for their William H. Newman Award; consistent with the criteria for those honours. Authors that believe their papers are eligible for any of these awards should self-nominate when submitting to ensure they are included in that selection process.

All divisional awards will be presented at the MH business meeting held during the annual conference.

For any inquiries concerning your submission, please contact Patricia McLaren ( We look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you virtually next August!

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