Uploading Materials

The ProjectionNet site is no longer accepting uploads, however you can still use the site to make a speaker prep appointment with a tech.

To log in, enter the email address that you use for your AOM profile. Your initial password is AOM2022. Upon your initial login, you will be asked to create a new, unique password. The new password will be required upon subsequent logins; if you forget this password, use the "can't remember password" link.

If you have problems logging on to the site or making a speaker prep appointment, please email your questions to aom2022@projection.com and describe your problem. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

For instructions on how to upload materials directly into Pathable, the Annual Meeting platform, please visit the Presenter Hub.

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Review the Annual Meeting COVID-19 Policy

If you're attending AOM 2022 in Seattle in person, please review the health and safety policy. Vaccination is required to attend.

COVID-19 Policy