AOM 2021 Virtual Presenter Hub

Attention Program Participants

Visit the Annual Meeting Presenter Hub to find instructions related to... 

  • Uploading materials to your own session
  • How to use the session chat
  • How to manage polls during your session

AOM would like to make your presenting experience at the virtual Annual Meeting as smooth as possible. To optimize your session preparation, we have compiled the guides and information below to help you familiarize yourself with the platforms, processes, and terms you’ll need to know.




Virtual Platforms

As you prepare for and eventually present in your session, you will use ProjectionNet to prepare your session materials and Pathable to attend the Annual Meeting.


ProjectionNet is a presentation management system that presenters can use to upload supplemental materials for their sessions. This system offers technical assistance to Annual Meeting contributors to help make sure materials are associated with the appropriate session and can be accessed and viewed by attendees during the conference.


The sessions and presentations of the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting will take place on Pathable, an online meeting platform where all session details, materials, live sessions, networking, and exhibits will take place during the conference dates.


Session Types

There are three main types of sessions in the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting, two synchronous (live) session types and one asynchronous (on-demand) type.

Synchronous (live) sessions

Synchronous sessions occur at a specific, scheduled time using Pathable’s embedded Zoom capability. Attendees can use a real-time chat feature within each Pathable session for comments and Q&A. Both styles of synchronous sessions allow for polling of attendees, which should be set up in advance of the session within Pathable.

“Webinar Style” (live presenter synchronous sessions) feature the presenter(s)/panelist(s) on video or sharing content like slides and screens with the session’s attendees. Videos are recommended to be no more than 10 minutes in length.AM2021_SynchronousLivePresenter
“Meeting Style” (live open synchronous sessions) have both the presenter(s)/panelist(s) and the entire audience on video. Content can be shared by anyone in the session with the organizer’s approval. Videos are recommended to be no more than 10 minutes in length.AM2021_SynchronousLiveOpen
  Webinar Style/Live Presenter Meeting Style/Live Open
Maximum suggested audience size 500 persons 250 persons
Technical setup and facilitation provided Yes Yes
Attendee capabilities Chat (Pathable) Chat (both), “Raise Hand” (Zoom)
Content sharing Presenter(s) only Anyone (with organizer’s approval)
Zoom breakout rooms available No Yes - up to 50

Because synchronous sessions have a time constraint, videos that will be played during a synchronous session should not exceed the maximum suggested duration above. Videos that are purely supplemental and will not be played during the session may be longer than the suggested duration.

Asynchronous (on-demand) sessions

Pre-recorded videos and other contributed material (e.g., presentation slides, paper submissions, etc.) are available for viewing at any time, on demand in Pathable. Discussion and feedback can occur in a session chat, but participants are not expected to be available at any specific date or time.

While authors, organizers, or other session presenters are not expected to be available on a specific date or at a specific time, you can generate additional attendee engagement by:

  • Arranging to be present in the session chat at specific time(s)
  • Detailing personal availability in the session chat
  • Interacting with attendees in real time through the session chat in Pathable

Tip: By noting your personal availability and being present in the chat of an asynchronous session at that time, authors and presenters can interact directly with attendees. You can field questions, discuss the content, and guide discussion.

Each uploaded video cannot exceed a maximum of 2GB. If you are planning to pre-record your session, please note that:

  • Revisions may be uploaded
  • Discussion feed occurs in asynchronous chat (not live)

Tip: As you record and upload materials, please consider the importance of audience engagement. We suggest using several, shorter videos rather than fewer, longer ones to make it easier for attendees to find and view the specific content that interests them without having to sit through an entire two-hour presentation.


Preparing Your Materials


While it is not required to upload videos or supplemental files for synchronous (live) sessions, we highly recommend that contributors provide additional materials to encourage audience engagement. Attendees can review and discuss the additional materials before the session, and the additional materials remain available after the session for reference and for post-session discussion.

As you prepare your materials for upload to ProjectionNet, please use the following information to ensure that files are correctly formatted and named.

Supplemental Materials

Contributors are encouraged to upload additional resources to their sessions to provide attendees with additional information, reference material, and supporting documents for their session. A single upload cannot exceed 2GB. Examples of supplemental materials include:

Supported File Formats

  • Video files: .mp4 (x264) –  the Helpdesk will open in mid-June for additional questions pertaining to video formats
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF): .pdf
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: .pptx, .ppt
  • Microsoft Word: .docx, .doc
  • Microsoft Excel: .xlsx, .xls
  • Image Files: .jpg, .png
  • Google Documents: .gslides, .gdoc, .gsheet, .gdraw 

Naming Your Files

File names should contain English upper- and lower-case letters and numbers, and can contain underscores and hyphens. When you name your files, avoid spaces and special characters such as:


File names must be fifty (50) characters or fewer.

Slide Templates and Presenter Backgrounds

Three PowerPoint slide presentation templates are available:

Four backgrounds are also available:



Uploading Your Materials

Upload Site

To upload your materials, please visit the ProjectionNet Upload Site. From this site, you will be able to associate files with your session(s) on the Program. To log in, enter the email address that you use on Your initial password is AOM2021. After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to select a new, unique password that you will use for subsequent logins.

If you encounter any issues logging in to the site or uploading your materials, please email for assistance. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

 Getting Started

After logging in, you will see a list of all sessions you are associated with. To upload materials, choose which session you would like to add materials for by clicking the button that corresponds with the type of content you wish to upload – blue for a narrated video (to be played during the session) and orange for any supplemental files. Subsequent pages will use the same colors to indicate which type of content should be uploaded on each.

All participants will be offered the opportunity to schedule an optional speaker prep appointment, or “speaker ready rooms” through the upload site. In these rooms, “Speaker Ready” technicians will be able to assist you with:

  • Creating your narrated video
  • Configuring your computer settings for Zoom use during the meeting
  • Answering general questions regarding best practices for a virtual session
  • Optionally review a test video to confirm audio/video/lighting quality (please upload your test video prior to your scheduled appointment)

The Helpdesk ( will also be available for general technical questions via email without the need to schedule an appointment.


Q: Can I combine multiple videos into a single video?

A: Yes, you can combine multiple videos into a single video; however, consider that audience engagement is important and long videos may not be the best option for keeping attendees’ attention. Having multiple, shorter videos organized by topic or area of interest will allow attendees to view the videos with content that is of particular interest to them and interact with the session in a more meaningful way.

Q: Can I use a pre-recorded Zoom call as a video upload?

A: Yes, you can use a pre-recorded Zoom call as a webinar-style video upload.


2021 Digital Session Chairs

As the Digital Session Chair, you will provide guidance to attendees in your LIVE PAPER SESSION, introduce the session, guide discussion, monitor chats, and time each presentation.

Getting Prepared

Review the session you are helping to lead, all live sessions take place using Zoom. Guide presenters and participants by synthesizing questions or sharing interesting ideas for discussion and debate. Use prepared constructive facilitation and feedback to help stimulate discussion. Be flexible, supportive, and responsive in your facilitation to stimulate valuable and creative interaction among the session participants. Focus on making connections rather than offering critiques. Sign in to and enter your session 15 minutes before the session starts. A Digital Technology Producer will greet you.

Starting the Session

Begin with introductions. Announce the session title, introduce yourself and the session participants. Welcome session participants as they enter. Remind participants about The Chat / discussion feature. Post comments or questions of your own to get the interaction started. Manage the hand raising and chat features to facilitate audience participation. Time each participant and keep track of overall session time. Use the chat to alert the presenter to wrap up near the end of their allotted time. The audience relies on you to ensure that everyone has equal time to present and discuss their work. Begin closing the session 2-3 minutes before the scheduled end time and close the session on time.

Virtual Presentation Etiquette

  • Mute your microphone.
  • Raise hands, use the chat feature for discussion.
  • Time limits based on the length of the session and number of participants.
  • If the connection is bad, ask attendees to dial in or turn off the camera.

Good to Know

  • Challenging or inappropriate participants can be muted or removed from the session.
  • A Digital Producer is available to help if someone has trouble accessing the session or has technical difficulties.
  • Further support and FAQs will be available through the virtual meeting platform, Pathable.