Addressing Socioeconomic Inequalities through Management Education and Learning

For this special issue, we invite submissions to all of AMLE’s peer reviewed sections, including research and reviews, essays, and book and& resource reviews. We particularly welcome research studies based on extensive data—qualitative or quantitative—using any well-executed and rigorous methodology.

AMD Special Research Forum: A Whole Different Ball Game—Exploring the Modern Organizational Context Through the Lens of Sports

Sports represent a microcosm of society that both embodies and reflects the broader societal context in which they operate. For example, the ubiquity of sports, sports figures, and the sports calendar have drawn attention to the #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements, employee COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and other social and political issues.

AMR Special Topic Forum - Fresh Perspectives on Trust in Today's Changing Theoretical and Contextual Landscapes

The aim of this issue is to create conceptual frameworks that highlight the key role of trust within and between organizations, and, in light of dramatic internal and external change, re-examine some of the fundamental questions and assumptions addressed in theories of trust.

AMR Idea Development Workshop

Special Topic Forum: Theorizing Time in Management and Organizations

AMP PDW: Publishing in Academy of Management Perspectives

A hybrid plenary session (in person or via Zoom), hosted by Professor and Associate Dean Siri Terjesen, Florida Atlantic University

AMR Idea Development Workshop hosted by Esade

This idea development workshop (IDW) is geared toward PhD students, junior scholars, and senior scholars who are interested in publishing in AMR.
Event: 28 Feb 2022

AMJ PDW: Online Workshop on Transparency and Rigor in Empirical Research

The goal of this workshop is to showcase and discuss best practices in research transparency and share advice and tips on how to approach these issues for paper submissions to AMJ.

AMLE Call for Reviews of Books and Resources on Three Timely Topics

Supporting mental health and well-being, creating conversations on diversity and inclusion, and resources for the realities of teaching during the pandemic.
Event: 30 Apr 2022

AMLE Special Issue -- The Impact of COVID-19 on Management Learning and Education: Perils and Possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global disaster, requiring rapid responses and new ways of working in every field. We invite submissions to all of AMLE’s peer reviewed sections on this crisis.

AMD Special Research Forum: The Human Side of the Future of Work

In management, research on this topic includes alternative work arrangements, telecommuting, artificial intelligence, work and employment policy, generational differences in values, and more.

The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Join us for the world's premier event for scholarly engagement around management and organization research.

AMR Special Topic Forum - Theorizing Time in Management and Organizations

We envision this special issue as providing deeper understanding of time to clarify and enhance knowledge that can explain phenomena important to management studies.

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Join us for the world's premier event for scholarly engagement around management and organization research.

AMD Discoveries-through-Prose

Discoveries-through-Prose empower authors to craft their manuscripts in nontraditional ways that make for tighter, more engaging narratives.

Registered Reports

In cases in which results (whether present or not) may have important theoretical or practical implications, scholars are encouraged to follow a Registered Report submission approach.

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